Bristol’s Bikeability programme – specialist inclusive all-abilities cycle training

Emma Downey, from Bristol City Council (TABS member) works on their Bikeability programme in Bristol that incorporates schools training, specialist inclusive training for people with disabilities, adult, family and young people’s individual and group sessions.  She has provided an insight into some of these sessions and what they achieve:

Emma’s personal favourite quote is from a mother who took part in family training sessions with her children (and then went on to arrange similar sessions for her husband):  “It’s been amazingly useful for me – cycling much more with the kids and also on my own, and using the car far less. Thank you!”

Recently Bristol Council’s Bikeability scheme was honoured to be able to cycle with some of their students from special schools at the Tour of Britain using their specialist bikes, with pupils cycling part of the route, crossing the finishing line and all receiving medals. Photos from the day are available on their Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100008357020840

and Twitter:


Click here to download feedback on Bristol City Council

Click here to download feedback from participants on their experiences. A selection of these are given below:

“As for feedback the students of all abilities said they could cycle, but as the day approached quite a few came and said that they weren’t so sure! and began to make excuses. After the ability bike session they all said how much more confident they were in their ability. This is a crucial feeling if they are prepared to give anything a try. Most need to know they are going to succeed, before they try anything…otherwise they won’t start!

The bikes were fun and safe and crucially all achieved.”

Antony Wolfe, Teacher BEC ASD Unit

“We love the service you provide and the students all get a
lot out of the sessions, please keep us involved and we will try to get to
the next meeting”
Janette Noerr, Administrator BEC ASD Unit

“I would very much like to re-book as our children have benefited so much.”

“As I’ve stated before we are so grateful for the opportunity and support that you provide, so we would always be willing to help in any way. I would be happy to attend future sessions or to participate in a user group to make these awesome projects even better and more sustainable for future students.”

Kris Tavender, Teacher New Fosseway School


“ Thankyou – they are enjoying it and we would love to book the extra sessions.”

Thanks a lot   Tricia Brain, Acting CECo-ordinator HSC – Care Services, New Horizons


“Well what a success the day was and thank you both very much for making it so.

People have been talking about the dance and cycle workshops non stop and they particularly want to do these activities again.”

 Vin Martin, Stars In The Sky, Bristol and South Gloucestershire People First (BSGPF)