Campaigns & Promotion

Below are listed some of the key, recent activities undertaken by TABS:


  • Following significant delays in announcing the Bikeability grant allocations for 2016.17, TABSwrote to senior officials requesting that they did so asap, resulting in the grants being announced within a few days
  • TABS wrote to the DfT officers, and separately to Ministers requesting that they consider providing additional funding both in the short and longer term, up to the next Spending Review in 2020, to help meet the growing gap between demand and funding availability.
  • TABS provided template letters for all members, plus details of their local MPs, and encouraged members to lobby their local MP to find more funding for Bikeability and Bikeability Plus.
  • TABS co-ordinated a joint consultation response,  including London Cycling Campaign, Cycling UK, Sustrans, to the DVSA consultation on changes to the driving test. It requested that driving testers need to include, where possible, interaction with people on cycles this should cascade down to driving instructors who will then need to actively teach this to learner drivers. A very powerful intervention in terms of road danger reduction.


Download table listing local MPs for each local authority area (August 2016)


  • TABS has produced the following new promotional materials, for download here:


TABS flier (General)

TABS flier (for members to add their own contact details to) 

TABS infograph

TABS banner

  • TABS wrote to all the new MPs/Ministers and relevant groups with an updated infograph,  new TABS flier and invitation to a free Bikeability training session/attend and view a session at a school near them.
  • TABS wrote to key MPs/Ministers in the run up to the general election, providing them with background information about Bikeability, and encouraging them to support it in their manifestos. An infograph was sent to them



  • TABS invited all members to write to their local MPs, with evidence of the value of Bikeability through testimonials, pictures, photos, and urge them to lobby Ministers to secure funding for the next 5 years. Further information here.
  • TABS challenged the Advertising Standards Agency’s view of cyclists’ road position, issuing a press release and collating detailed guidance for submission to an independent review.
  • TABS organised a coalition of organisations to comment on the Green Paper on Driver Training
  • TABS facilitated a letter to TfL, signed by key road safety campaigning groups requesting changes to warning stickers for vehicles.
  • TABS arranged for Robert Goodwill MP to visit a school in Camden to experience Bikeability training first hand.
  • TABS ran a summer campaign – Don’t stop Bikeability – it has changed our lives’ to influence the content of the Cycling Delivery Plan.
  • TABS collaborated with Carlton Reid (Bike Biz) to make a short video for driving instructors, from a cycling perspective. This video has been widely viewed on YouTube, the Driving Instructor TV website and has been shown at meetings of the London Association of Driving Instructors.
  • TABS has held meetings with DfT, Department of Health, London Mayor’s office, London Cycling Campaign, All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, Youth Sport Trust, TfL, inter alia.
  • TABS has supported our partners, including signing a letter to The Times promoting Sustrans Safer Streets campaign



  • Spearheaded a campaign to get Bikeability on the national curriculum, including a published letter in The Telegraph by many national cycling, health and education organisations. Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, wrote a letter to support our proposal.