Case Studies

Below are a series of case studies, divided into general topic areas. TABS will continue to add to this page with more case studies as they are produced. If anyone would like to contribute content for a case study, or suggest a topic to cover please contact:

Marketing and Promotion

Case study 1: 2015 – Portsmouth: Bikeability ‘Banner & Glass’ Awards

Case study 2: 2015 – Dorset: Bikeability Incentive Scheme

Case Study 6: 2015 – West Berkshire – Bikeability Incentive Scheme


Broadening the cycling offer

Case Study 4- Using School Premium Funding to widen cycling opportunities – Plymouth

Case Study 5 – Expanding the cycling offer in primary schools – Cambridgeshire

Case Study 6 – Cycling development – Amber Valley, Derbyshire


Training for diverse groups/needs

Case Study 3 – Devon: Special needs cycle training: Freetrike



Level 3 Training

Case studies to follow


Engaging with Schools

Case studies to follow


Adult Cycle Training

Case studies to follow


Stories of Personal Achievement

Case study 8 – Achieving one of my goals in life!