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TABS is now welcoming registered Bikeability Schemes  to apply to become members of The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS).  TABS also welcomes interested parties, including individual qualified Instructors, non-delivery local authorities, organisations and businesses that support Bikeability to join TABS as supporters.

For more background on TABS, please see the FAQs

The Board of TABS is working to establish other benefits for members and supporters. TABS is your organisation, it is there to represent your interests so please let us know what you would like to see TABS doing.

If you have any questions or suggestions or you would like a membership form, please contact us at

Take a look at a video of the 2017 national Bikeability training conference organised by TABS for members’ benefit/networking:




TABS has two main areas of work – training and advocacy.

Government funding for cycle training is now confirmed up to 2020, however this funding is still hugely over subscribed, and there are many children around the country that don’t have access to Bikeability training.

TABS will represent the views of the cycle training industry so that informed decisions can be made regarding future funding, to protect and expand our trade.

TABS is also focused on providing training opportunities to support our members, to upskill both managers, schemes, and instructors and achieve more consistent internal quality across the industry.

However to do more, we need more members – to be a louder voice, and to promote and expand Bikeability more effectively.  As with any trade association, as membership grows so will the authority of TABS, along with our ability to provide more services for our members, to secure more funding and have a greater influence on government policy.



TABS is not a sole cycling organisation, but represents a large and diverse range of schemes. We can therefore access a range of expertise in formulating consensus for best-practice guidance and other relevant topics of interest to members. We offer bespoke, specialist training and advice.

  1. Have your say in the future of Bikeability
  2. FREE  & discounted place(s) at the annual, national Bikeability Conference organised by TABS  (network/share ideas with other TABS members, discuss key issues, professional workshops, policy debate)
  3. Information exchange / networking opportunities (monthly newsletter, website news, TABS online discussion forum, regional seminars/talks)
  4. Promotional opportunities  Marketing/PR to promote member activities
  5. Advice service (professional advice / assistance provided on all aspects of cycle training/Bikeability) 
  6. Resources (Best-practice examples; technical advice, support and guidance documents – health & safety, legal issues)
  7. Central membership services (consultation, campaigning, marketing, fundraising)



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