Phillip Darnton (OBE) stands down as Chair of TABS

Phillip Darnton (OBE) has generously given his time to TABS as Chair for the last 5 years.

He has decided to step down from the post, from December and has the following words to say:

“At the time of the election of new board members, it is also a requirement that the chair should stand down, to give the opportunity for a new chair to be appointed.

I have given the matter some considerable thought, and feel that this would be an appropriate moment for me to step aside, and not put my name forward for consideration for reappointment.

I hope that the next phase of TABS’ development will be a positive and dynamic one, alongside the strengthening of the Bikeability Trust. I am hopeful, too, that the funding of the Association may be placed on a more secure footing, and that the Instructor Training recommendations will soon be put into effect.

All this marks a new chapter in the life of TABS, and suggests that the time is right for new thinking and new ideas from the chair. As I hope that you know, I have enjoyed the experience of working with you all and the annual conference has always been a highlight for me. Hull this year was, in my view, the best event that you have staged so far, and challenges us to do even better in 2018!”