The One Show promotes Bikeability

Earlier in June Cycle Confident was busy teaching non-cyclists how to cycle on The One Show.

  • There were three women and two children.
  • None of the women knew how to ride a bike.
  • The two children, aged 4 and 6 could not either ride a bike at all or ride without the help of stabilizers.
  • The 6 yr old learned how to ride without stabilizers. The 4 year old learned how to ride a balance bike.
  • The session took place in a Kennington Sports Complex, within a gym.
  • Sessions were delivered on Tuesday, June 6th for broadcast at BBC’s Oxford studios June 7th, which was held in the studio with a live audience.

All participants were able to ride a bike after approximately 1 hour of instruction, which was provided by Michael Corden and Philippa Robb, two Cycle Confident instructors.

The BBC filmed the session and the results can be seen on the June 7th episode of BBC’s One Show. It was great fun for both instructors and trainees. Take a look starting at 15:35 seconds on iPlayer, which is free to view.

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